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The Ted Nugent MP article.

These is an article on the mainpage about Nugent's goofy ass being paid 16 grand to not perform in Longview Texas. I use to live their and I can say, that's something I would expect. Texas is becoming very progressive very fast, and Longview is helping with that.

It's not a huge town. Last time I lived there the population was about 40,000 bu, it's getting bigger by the day. You can tell they are trying to be considered a city and not a town because their is a Starbuck's ever 200 feet.


As far as the people go, it's the same in most places. You have all of the older people that "hate the direction the country is going" (aka why can't I be racist in public anymore). You have the people in their 40s who have no problem with black people but don't want them running anything. (You should have been at my job when Obama was elected the first time. It was like someone had died. Damn, it was hilarious.) Then, you have the youngins who don't really care about what type of person you are. Just don't interrupt them when they are looking at there phones.

That might not be progression to some of you, but it could be worse. The place I'm living in now has people who proudly put banners saying "vote pro-life" while telling you not to take away their right to shoot someone. No, they don't see the irony in that because they went to school here so they don't know what that word means. We also just go a McDonald's here about 3 years ago.....yep.

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