On twitter. I'll admit that when I responded to the @Jezebel tweet about the Tx3 video response to last week's article, I was kinda thinking that it might get more eyes there, given that Lindy just re-upped (reframed? What's the appropriate kinja-speak for that?) the original article instead of putting up a new one, which then makes the comments all confusing because some are to the first post and some are responding to the second one. (Whcih feels extra bad on a post like that one, where everyone was making fun of them and now they've turned out to be funny and possibly even self aware, or possibly that tweet was like drinking the kool-aid and I don't know anything anymore, do I?)

And then, yes, when I included their handle in my tweet, it was because I thought maybe, MAYBE they'd see it. And they did! And I'm so happy! I love it as much as when I get responses from a parody account. (you wouldn't believe how pleased with myself I was when King Joffrey favorited a tweet of mine. An account in a fictional character's name, not operated by anyone even remotely associated with the show or the books, and I was SO PROUD of that. It's the little things.)

Sorry to be so exuberantly illegible and stuff, but man. No one in my real life will understand when I tell them... I'll totally tell them all about it anyway, though, at length.