Everyone constantly says how strong I am to have been able to leave everything to live in a foreign country. The reality is that is sort of happened by accident. Yes, I chose to come to France but it was only supposed to be for a year for my Master's.

Yet I stayed.

My entire family still lives in the Midwest.

As for my future, it is entirely up to me. No back-up. No support. All or nothing. Je suis la reine de me jetter dans des situations impossibles. I am the queen of throwing myself into impossible situations. Yet I always come out of them stronger than before.

Sometimes the aftermath is difficult to take. My walls are thick and high. When they go down, my guard leaves me completely.

Absolute vulnerability.

One day I will come to know why I have chosen this path. Until then, I will continue to throw myself into the unknown.


Sometimes it's scary.