My bio mom got back in touch with me today.

She sent this:

Hello Bart, Thanks for your answer . Just about ten years ago, I became really was a very mysterious illness...nothing tasted good and I started losing weight...I had many different tests and still nothing... I was wasting away. Finally, one of my friends suggested acupuncture...the doctor felt he could help me , even before any formal diagnosis. A regular doctor finally decided that I had Cronkite Canada Syndrome, very rare, only 50 documented cases, mostly in Japan, triggered by stress and pretty much fatal. The body can't ingest nutrients and so the person basically starves to death. My western doctor contacted a doctor at Disease Control in Washington D.C., and he said that he had studied it in medical school, but had never seen a case....Western doctors just studied me and would evaluate me ... My acupuncturist treated the symptoms and eventually turned it around. My western doctors said that I dodged a bullet, but would not give acupuncture any credit ....So, it goes without saying that I became a cheerleader for Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture is pretty much one stop shopping , very good for what ails you. It helps a great deal with pain management. So I am saying that it could be something to think about with your back...most western doctors are very cool to Chinese medicine. However, results are what matter... It is a perfect Autumn day here - yellow and orange trees, soft breeze, bright blue and white sky.

So, I responded:

I'll stick with my western doctors - they seem to help me. Kind of like the difference between The Beatles and The Stones. The Beatles make you want to smoke a joint and put you to sleep and The Stones make you want to do four lines of coke and stay awake forever. Eastern John Lennon bullshit might make you feel better, but Keith will actually heal your soul. Question for you - When Levon Helm writes in "The Weight" that "she's the only one who sent me here with her regards for everyone" - is that Levon Helm saying he thinks god is female? Why or why not? Bart