While waiting on some personal news, I went on Tuesday afternoon to see All is Lost.

I was the only person in the theatre which, if you have read anything I've mentioned previously, is something I love. I hate having people around me in a movie. It just bothers the shit out of me in a multitude of ways that I can't even begin to express. I really think if it had not been for those two interlopers during The Fifth Estate, I'd have ranked that film in my top ten for 2013.

All is Lost is supremely worthwhile your time. It is Gravity in the middle of the ocean, minus Clooney and without any back story for the protagonist (remember that many critics have said Bullock's history was disposable). I left the cinema with a completely defined understanding of the film and how it was resolved; when I got home, I searched a bit for essays on it and discovered, it's a 50/50 split on the walkaway and not everyone shares my assumptions about the fate of "Our Guy."

NOT A SPOILER: Some people believe he lived and others believed he died.

If anyone else has seen it, I've love to hear what you thought. Honestly, I took it at face value and say he lived.

All is Lost Trailer