Thursday night, St. Louis public television in cooperation with KSDK produced a live edition of their public affairs show, Stay Tuned, focusing on what's next for the protest movement ("Catalyst for Change") and as a follow-up to last week's edition, "#Ferguson".

Both programs are just over an hour long. As has sometimes been the case lately, Kinja will let me embed, but the videos won't play in Chrome. Due to this bug and because they're both so long, I'm not going to embed and will instead post the links.

After watching tonight's there is so much I'd like to say, including something I've wanted to say for years about the lack of hope among our nation's youth, which is touched upon with one of the panels. In the wrap-up tonight, Lizz Brown of the St. Louis American apologized to young people for our generation's failure to teach those who came after us how to continue the fight. There have been so many times on so many different subjects that I've wanted to apologize for pretty much the same thing because without belief, there isn't a lot of hope.

Also worth noting from that same youth panel: "The President can't come or send the Attorney General down here every time somebody gets shot". So many things...

If you've got an hour, I highly recommend tonight's episode and if you have two, why not both?