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There is Nothing Wrong in This Whole Wide World

Some years ago, San Francisco artist Chris Cobb created an amazing art piece at Adobe Books. He and a handful of volunteers rearranged the store's 20,000 book collection by color.

The name of the installation was "There is Nothing Wrong in this Whole Wide World."


I met Chris Cobb years ago. He was an amazing person and completely dedicated to his art. He was also a great collaborater, partnering with all kinds of fascinating people to make wonderful things. It was all the more impressive because his life was pretty tough. There was an innocence and joy about him that impressed me.

We met through a Craig's List personal and went on a few dates. One night we went to a cafe and talked for ages about literature and swapped stories. We walked past where he lived, which was an underground apartment in Chinatown with no windows. For some reason I remember he gave me his scarf because a cold fog was settling in. We fell out of touch quickly for some reason, but I still remember him. When I saw an article on this installation, I really felt a sort of awe.

I get extremely crippled by mental illness and to see this beautiful, impossible rainbow of books—with that uplifting title—raised me up. Cobb knows the dark, but he can still create such light. I thought with all the unhappiness on the board, someone else might like it too.

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