Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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There should be a gawker.ca

And if there was, what would it be? Exposing the dark secrets of Poutine? A retrospective of the Beachcombers? Regret about the reign of Stephen Harper? Gifs about a certain Toronto mayor who has captured all of our hearts? Reviews of Cheese Whiz and Donairs? Milks in Bags, yay or nay? Americans: Did they really win the war of 1812? Fun with Canadian Content Law or why did Sloan ever have a career? What do you think?


PS. I have a distinctly Atlantic Canada bias. Oh and I used to really love Chilliwack. Listen to those Canadian accents. Damn, that song brings me back to my youth. It should totally reference Chilliwack all the time.

ETA: Here is Magister's post about non-US gawker media sites.

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