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Written in Ink
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They'll Defend Your Rights, Just Not If You're Gay

Out of Louisiana: National Guard refuses to process benefits for same-sex couples. Texas and Mississippi seem to be doing to same:

But soon after the Pentagon policy was issued, Texas' National Guard, called the Texas Military Forces, became the first to confirm it would not be processing these benefits. Mississippi's National Guard has since announced it will recognize the Pentagon policy, but will not issue benefit applications from state-owned offices.


But there is a light and its name is Alabama:

On Wednesday, the Alabama National Guard broke from the pattern and said it would follow the Pentagon policy and honor requests for benefits from married same-sex couples, even though their unions are not recognized under state law.

While Alabama does not recognize same-sex marriages from other states, its National Guard will process benefits from members who have a legal marriage license from any state that does. The Pentagon policy also mandated that those wishing to marry in another state would be given leave to do so.


That, to me, seems like a fair way to deal with a problem while the Alabama Guard waits for the rest of the state to enact thoughtful policy.


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