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If You Are Male And Believe Gender Equality Exists

1. Are you expected to look happy and as handsome as possible at work while you have stomach cramps and blood dripping out of your penis?

2. How often has your dick or ass been groped in a bar?

3. When you apply for a job do you have to hide the fact that you are recently married because employers will assume that you will leave to have babies in a few months?


4. Ever have to stop playing an online video game because people would not stop harassing you because of your gender?

5. How about at work? When's the last time a boss implied you might get a better raise if you sucked his dick?

6. Do you feel like you can only go out at night if you have a friend with you?

7. Do you have to actually change the way your face naturally looks every morning just to be considered acceptable in society?


8. How often has your partner just left you hanging and stopped fucking you after she's had an orgasm?

9. Do you hear women constantly making comments about your weight?

10. Do you have to wear uncomfortable and unhealthy shoes to look "professional?"


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