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Things you shouldn't be proud of but you are.

I used to live in a lot of roommate situations. Every once in a while, you'd get a friend or a significant other who was obnoxious, entitled and way overstayed their welcome. One was a roommate's girlfriend, who basically moved in without anyone being asked and didn't pay any rent. She sit all day watching porn while we were at work. There was a lot of tension but everyone was afraid of confronting them. The second was this jolly hippie guy who ended up in the living room of this big shared (10+ house) as someone's guest and when she asked him to leave, he begged other roommates to stay. He'd sit with his legs up on the couch, playing guitar with his fucking lentils. And everyone was frustrated.

In both cases, after everyone else's indirect and lukewarm attempts to get them to leave, I had a talk with them and they left in tears. I felt more proud of that than I should.


Now, I wasn't abusive but I was direct and told them both repeatedly that they had no right to live here without everyone's consent and rent free and I resented their presence. I can't believe that there are so many fucking people afraid to tell other people what they think and that cower down in response to desperate tears from people clearly taking advantage of the situation. In general, I don't go out of my way to confront people but I'm also someone who will stand my ground if I feel like something is not ok.

And there was a little part of me that was like "CRY! YOUR TEARS NOURISH ME".

It is funny too that someone can be a total asshole for months, taking advantage and ignoring everyone's needs but it's controversial if you tell them what you think.


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