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Meet Ryan Sclar, Californian extraordinaire. He is in the process of chasing an amazing feat - riding his bicycle across Eurasia. He began at the Lisbon Coast in Portugal on January 1st, and is biking across Europe and Asia, ending in Shanghai, China. From Atlantic to Pacific, through sixteen countries, half of which most of us can't even pronounce. Who says that Americans don't travel?

This guy Ryan is totally hardcore. From Day 5 of his journey:

"I could barely walk, had the chills, and felt like throwing up. Every muscle in my body was sore. Despite drinking as much water as I could, I still felt dehydrated. Again, I fully expected all of this, as I've been through it multiple times before when starting a trip cold turkey like this. Nevertheless, this knowledge didn't help much as I sat in the shower dreading the prospects of getting up the next day and doing it all again. Reality started to sink in, I am going to be biking all day, pretty much every day, for the next 240 days. Wow, sounds exciting and terrifying at the same time..."


Yet, as we all know, nothing worth doing will ever be easy. I hosted Ryan in 2011 as he and his bicycle were passing through my hometown of Chicago. I can't wait to read the amazing stories that come out of this guy. Let's cheer him on, yayyy!

To living great lives and being totally boss. Go, Ryan, go!

-Kat Vallera, NomadiKat Travel Media


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