Let the speculation continue. Interestingly, a friend of mine from India said, last Tuesday, he thought the plane might have landed in India because their air defenses are so porous. And that was back when they were still saying it crashed right away. Where do you think it is? It's a tragedy, but I still say humorous replies are welcome. Someone pointed out in a main page comment, The Onion's headline, "Malaysia Extends Search to Include All Dimensions of Space and Time" is looking more accurate by the hour.

From the post at Slate:

My post from this morning, in which I asserted that the plane is most likely in western China or an adjacent Turkic area, stands out for having received an extra measure of skepticism. “Impossible,” many have declared, in comments and over Twitter. So I’d like to go back and further explain my logic in coming to the conclusion I did.

The first thing I want to make absolutely clear is that my entire premise is based on today’s statement by the Malaysian Prime Minister, and the accompanying chart showing two arcs where the Malaysians believe MH370 happened to be when the ping was detected by satellite at 8:10 a.m., Malaysia time. If that assertion does not hold up, then everything I’m about to say falls apart.