This is weird. In Hungary, it's now illegal to take street photographs without getting a consent form from every person in the photo, even if a the picture is never intended for publication, and even if it is photojournalism. Say there's a fire and a news outlets wants photos? They'd need to get a consent form from every person on the street.

From The Guardian:

Those planning a weekend break in Budapest take note. From 15 March anyone taking photographs in Hungary is technically breaking the law if someone wanders into shot, under a new civil code that outlaws taking pictures without the permission of everyone in the photograph. According to the justice ministry, people taking pictures should look out for those "who are not waving, or who are trying to hide or running out of shot".

Officials say expanding the law on consent to include the taking of photographs, in addition to their publication, merely codifies existing court practice. However, Hungary's photographers call the law vague and obstructive, saying it has left the country of Joseph Pulitzer and photography legend Robert Capa out of step with Europe.