I know it's wrong but I find this kinja addictive. I love looking at all the wonderful snacks I could have. Sweet, Savory, Semi-Natural, Florescent and possibly radioactive. I mean, look at that fucking MOREO below!


It's the same way that I like to look at articles about international fast food, because mostly, I want to know what people in Tanzania and Mongolia and Brazil and France are scarfing down. I think it says something about cultural translations but also ways that things get watered down for cheap consumptions in different cultures :


Or reading about snack foods from around the world because I mean, snacks. I can imagine that wonderous world of Japanese Shrimp chips or Herring Paste from Norway:


You learn things, quickly, like man, Canadians are really winning the Potato Chip war.

And Middle Eastern Pizza Hut is serious about their pizza.