I was in Atlanta for a wedding this past weekend and saw the Gawker post about the neighborhood protest that was going to be happening—or so I believed—and decided to go check out the neighborhood. We hadn't really done much research about our trip and had no specific itinerary in mind for what we would do on our one free day after the wedding, so we decided to drive around various areas, such as downtown, Little Five Points, and Buckhead. I mean, we're there so why not see where the CEO of Coca Cola, Elton John, and one little Candian twerp spend their liquid assets?

So although we fell for the little prank of some local DJ's, we enjoyed our drive and we generally really liked our trip, because we managed to cram into that single day a visit to the World of Coke (don't ask—not my idea at all), Centennial Park (where we went on a very scary ferris wheel ride twenty stories above overlooking the city), and visited the Gone With the Wind Museum in Marietta, where we were staying.

Our favorite part was definitely that down-home southern charm that we encountered everywhere we went. I had a heated discussion with the boyfriend about whether it was fake friendliness or authentic bonhomie. Playing against type, I argued on the opposite side of snark. I believed they were truly interested when they smiled and asked "How y'all doin' today?"


And finally, if you are ever in the area, a must-eat is over at the Busy Bee Cafe. The neighborhood is not a desirable one. It's across from a Walmart and sits between a barber shop and a beauty salon, but it is the best soul food my lily white ass has ever eaten. And as you can see from the pic below, everyone in that area thinks so too. Just ask for Miss Sheila. She'll treat you right.