This story, and the embedded video (which cannot be embedded here, but which is in the linked story on Gothamist and must be played on Vimeo — warning, it is shocking to see), will make you so fucking mad you may be moved to either go kill somebody or hug somebody. 3-year old girl, walking hand-in-hand with her grandmother across a NYC street, with the WALK sign, and a driver in an SUV simply runs them down and kills the girl. The NYPD? No charges filed, just a couple of traffic tickets for the driver. The DA? Refuses to file charges, saying the whole thing is a 'tragedy'. The DMV? They dismiss the tickets. So, the driver faces no consequences of any kind from city or state law enforcement.

But, there's a dash cam video, and it shows the whole thing. And now, people are getting pretty fucking mad because in NYC if you ever want to murder someone — even a nun holding a puppy — you're allowed to just run them over with a car and there will simply be no consequences for you at all, ever, under any circumstances. The city, evidently, loves to see pedestrians and cyclists killed, and, while I can't prove they buy the guilty car drivers expensive gifts and free vacations, they definitely don't do anything to cause the slightest inconvenience. Of course, as has happened in the past, if a police car hits a pedestrian or cyclist and the pedestrian or cyclist is following all traffic laws and the cop is guilty of speeding, running a red light, not paying any attention, or deliberately going after the victim, what's likely to happen is that the victim will receive a bill for charges related to any body work needed on the police car.

Anyway, read this story at your own risk. It's an awful, horrible, unbelievable story.