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This woman is said to have Jason Bourne's amnesia disease

It's kind of a weird story. She disappeared in suburban DC for a few days, but they found her safe and sound. That's odd, but not that odd. Except that the same thing happened to her in, I think, 2009, when she moved to NYC to start teaching, and went missing the day before school started and stayed missing for like 3 weeks until they found her....floating face down in the water off Staten fucking Island. A ship captain just noticed something in the water and sent a couple of his guys to see what it was, and they scooped up this girl who had no memory of where she'd been since heading out on a run 3 weeks before.

The NY Times story is amazing. They had security camera footage of her in a NYC Apple Store, checking her email and talking to some random dude, but when they looked they realized she hadn't actually opened any emails, and the guy had asked her if she was the missing woman with all the flyers and she told him no.


The diagnosis is that she has the same form of amnesia as Jason Bourne, whose character in the books adopted the name 'Bourne' because the first person to have this form of amnesia IRL was named 'Bourne'.

I don't know. I think it's really interesting, especially that she went missing a second time. So far as I can tell, Molly was not involved. To be honest, I always thought amnesia was something soap opera and TV serial writers dreamed up so they could explain re-hiring actors who had previously been fired. The closest I've ever come to it was one day in college I went downstairs, got on my bike, and suddenly I was walking in the door of a restaurant where I had an interview for a job, and I was bleeding like a sieve from a head wound. I couldn't remember where I lived, but I could remember a random phone number, which turned out to be my buddy's, and he came and picked me up. I could not remember the phone number I shared with my gf at the time, nor my address or much of anything else. The next day I was back to normal, except I had no memory of the bike ride itself. I'm assuming I was hit by a car, but I'll never know. Maybe I just hit a pothole or something. It is weird to have any stretch of time where you simply can't recall a single thing.


I feel bad for this woman if she's going to have episodes like this, maybe for the rest of her life?

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