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@Graby shared the "Ask Nick Anything" and at some point, everyone should click through. Though it did occur to me as I made a couple of observations of my own, maybe we should have a place to discuss the post among ourselves.

First of all, you should be aware that Graby's share is appended with her name, so you'll have to click out of her view to see most of Nick's replies.


Also, right now I'm seeing the post shared from Gawker, Deadspin, and Jalopnik among the ad-supported sites. Nick made the post in an out-of-the way corner which appears may have been for employees. Of course his title and Kinja allows it to be shared, plus an open and public dialogue is Nick Denton's thing, but one of the blogger complaints over interaction is that they don't have time and to inundate him with massive replies, some of which are just trolls, seems like a way to make their point. Based on what I've seen from him in the past, I expect he'll be replying to comments and conversing on that post for days.

I have a couple of other thoughts, but I'll put them in the comments and open the floor in case someone else has something to say.

ETA: I probably should have put it above and I replied to @RedWriter with this info below, but if you put Nick's name behind the URL with tiger=on, the highlights should be the posts to which he's replied or the comments he's starred.

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