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Thoughts on Ferguson

As I was compiling the video from the night Michael Brown was killed, I couldn't help but to think of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" and considered posting it as a comment, but was afraid that his call for love might not be well-received. It was (and is) time to be angry.

Now that the situation has escalated to what can only be described as an impasse, I kind of want something harder. Maybe not as hard as N.W.A.'s "Fuck the Police", though the title certainly fits, but possibly something in between. I just haven't figured out what.

I'm also not sure how the situation can end. Some have been calling for the National Guard to step in, but they're really just different soldiers in a similar uniform. There's also the option that the cops could simply pull out, but after they have driven it to such a head over the past few days, the likely result would be for Ferguson to burn.


In the old days, Jesse Jackson or someone of his caliber, definitely in the company of other civil rights leaders and possibly with a couple of people from entertainment, would swoop-in and that would draw the press's attention, but in this era of social media, livestreaming, cable news and national newspapers, there isn't a lack of cameras in town. The world is already paying attention and those in the wrong, the police, don't seem to care.

I think for the situation to end without further damage, it's going to take an outside influence and that would have to be something bigger than Bono. Tornado season is over, so Mother Nature's out. Maybe if some kind of SuperFriends-type group of activists and civil rights leaders were to start occupying the place... but the easier and more sure answer would be President Obama. If he were to pay the area a visit, all hostilities would have to cease and from it peace could be drawn, but that's really the only thing I can imagine that would make it stop.

Of course it would be politically risky, but the President isn't likely to run for another office and Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter could do almost as much, but I don't know that either of them would make quite the impression. Cynics would accuse Clinton of grandstanding for his wife's possible run and though the Secret Service is still a force, Carter just doesn't carry enough weight. The only one who can both reassure the residents and put the law enforcement response into the history books would be the President of the United States.

Events in Ferguson have gotten way past Marvin Gaye, but love can still conquer hate.

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