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Three First Ladies... In Their Prime?

I've been wanting to praise Sirens, the USA Network series about paramedics and to a lesser extent, cops and firefighters from Executive Producer Denis Leary and Bob Fisher and a... I don't know what Abed would call it... episode where they tell a story to strangers about what they do, seemed like a good start.

The problem is that Sirens only streams for free, no-subscription-required for three weeks and one week has already passed, plus the season's done, yet I still hadn't written the post.

Then, miracle upon miracles, @Nefertitties and I got into a brief comment exchange as to whether it's proper to notice the physical attributes of first ladies, which wasn't really either of our points and we quickly agreed on the side subject, but that kind of still left the whole "imagining first ladies" thing open and instead of countering that as a typical example of a particular type of guy, I've pictured a lot of First Ladies naked, I decided to clip-out forty seconds from the Sirens bottle episode(?), I had wanted to link.


To watch the entire episode, you can just go back to the beginning and though it's not an ordinary episode, it's a good introduction to the show.

Also, if anyone wants to play the game, while I could go along with Michael Mosley's list, if I were to make my own, it'd be Hillary Clinton, Frances Cleveland and Laura Bush. Maybe Dolley Madison could watch.


Here are some quickly-found First Lady sites, if anyone else would like to play along: History Channel, C-SPAN and Wikipedia.


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