This stuff about Colbert had me thinking: why should we bother? Seriously, white dudes own damn near everything. There is nothing much to do. You'll just have to accept it as fact. Look at #CancelCobert, that didn't work. What happened with #IStandWithJamilah? It made Ebony Magazine bow down to white people even quicker. there is no point in fighting a losing battle.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, we should stop trying. Face it, we lost. We're free and can somewhat make our own choices. That should be enough. It's not like we don't work hard enough as it is. We should use that hard work to build a bridge to white men in helping build a better USA for future generations. Let them have their jokes. Let's just grin and work for the future.

Lastly, we should think about becoming Republican. I know that sentence might sting a little but here me out. There are lot of Republicans that are non-white. They don't seem to have a problem fitting in. Herman Cain had no problem fitting in. Juan Williams either.

I'm not saying that we should pull an Ebony Magazine and start tap dancing and calling white men "massa" instead of their names. I'm just saying it couldn't hurt.

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