Confession: I don't do a whole lot during the day unless I absolutely have to. Mostly I sit on the couch, look for jobs, and obsessively refresh Facebook, being careful not to comment too much lest it look like all I'm doing all day is obsessively refreshing Facebook. But each day as evening approaches, I spring (or more accurately shuffle) into action.

It's nearly 5pm. Boyfriend will be home in an hour and a half, give or take. Better get dressed, make that trip to the store I put off yesterday, get dinner started, and clean up yesterday's dishes.

This is how I maintain the illusion that I'm actually taking care of chores around the house. The bulk of what I do is accomplished in the 50 minutes I have between his text that he's leaving work and when he arrives home.

So, Crosstalk, what are your dirty little secrets?