There is an article on Gameindustry that recaps a speech Manveer Heir, a developer at Bioware*, made. In it he talks about how their should be a push for women and minorities in games. When his speech was done, the audience gave him a standing ovation. What the article failed to mention was that when they go back to work, they will continue to make the same 35 year old, scruffy, white man, main character in their games like they have always been making.

It's been at least two years since Anita Sarkeesian had everyone saying there should be women in games. How many women leads have there been in that time? Can you even name them all? You can? That is the problem. How many games have PoC as the main character? You can come back to this question after you go through Google. Now how many games have white guys as the lead? You don't have to name any. The answer is most of them.

The point is, all of the speeches and standing ovations in the world means nothing if you're not going to actually make the game. It doesn't matter how many TED talks you give, someone needs to step up. Until then, shut the hell up until you're ready to practice what you preach.

*I will say, Bioware has been in front of this stuff for quite awhile, even if some of it seems lazy (every character in the game needs to be bi-sexual, huh?). They are walking the walk but are walking it by themselves.