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Written in Ink

On a pet board (yes, I follow them, no judgment), someone posited about a ten-year-old shelter cat who was having... ugh, I hate to write this but peeing issues. The cat was peeing outside the box. The conundrum was, "I've been punishing the cat by pushing its face into the pee but its still having problems and I don't know what to do now."

I was not kind in my reply. I said, flat out, you have no business being a caretaker if you're not committed to taking care of an animal and problem-solving behavioral issues. I mean, my little guy poops outside the box all the time. It's because his ass is too big for the box. He never does it anywhere else. It's always right next to the box, so I know he knows where to go and he's doing the best he can do. I would never in a million years "punish" him over it. I roll my eyes and say, "Pooper dooper, where's your scooper?" (His blank response: "You are the worse lyricist in the world.")

You would not believe the reaction I got. I am the first to admit, I was not kind with my reaction but I didn't think that was up for debate. If someone said, "My child is bed wetting and me pushing their face into the wet sheets isn't working," wouldn't you be shocked at the daftness of the statement?


My final comment was, "Your major objection seems to be that I'm rubbing your face in it. How fitting."

Was I wrong in my reaction?

Unrelated but this is totally my cat. (How do you upload real photos on here?)

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