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To The Person Who Posted About A Family Situation Yesterday

I was going to give you more advice, a little better advice, because I've been there, but it looks like you erased your post. I hope that wasn't because of me and my bluntless about not being afraid to talk to your family. The other advice is, one that I learned a little late, after I became a little older is: don't assume that just because your family raised you, loves you, knows you, is there with you all the time, that they know everything that you're thinking. They don't. You have to do the redundant thing of talking. Yeah, it's laborious, and it goes against the shorthand communication or no communication you think you're supposed to have and established with loved ones, who should know what exactly you're feeling without you saying it, but that's not how it goes. Plus, I bet whatever situation your family is in, they want your imput because they value it and if you remain silent, they don't know what to do and so they will get mad at you. So speak up. Good luck.


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