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Today I'm officially a gay

...because I just saw "All About Eve" for the first time! Forget all the blowjobs since high school, I've never felt as gay as I do right now! I'm watching it again on some Comcast movie channel called "Retro", for those of you who're up and wanna watch a movie at 3 AM on a work morning. The movie is dang brilliant. I'm a walking stereotype, I know, but I can't help it. It's talk, talk, talk from beginning to end and I loved it, though Eve herself was the weakest actress of the bunch. She was kinda weird and stiff and her acting was...I guess obvious is the word. She all but put her fingers together and cackled like a Scooby Doo villain. But the rest of 'em, especially Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe (who I didn't even know was in it) are spectacular! Ladies and gay boys who've never seen it, shame on you! For those who've seen it, what's your favorite scene?

"I don't want to make trouble, all I want is a drink!"


(Maybe it's all the drinking that turned me on.)


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