Written in Ink
Written in Ink

I will be on my 4+ hour trip back to East Texas to move back in with my "mother". She is now jobless (she quit voluntarily). Somehow that means she won't be able to take care of me, like all of those other times she took care of me. Like that time I was at my great-grand mothers house eating bread. Or that time where I was eating noodles for 3 months. Thanks for taking care of me "mom"

She is depending on her man-child boyfriend to pick up the slack. I have a feeling he will have something to say to me now that he thinks he's the child-like man of the house. That shit will not work like he thinks it will. I will probably be on the news. I am not stable enough for some bullshit.


Don't know when I'll be back on the internet after today. If not, remember to Vote Right, Vote Post. I will see y'all when I can.


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