Someone recommended a comment of mine from 2010. Because comment content is not sampled in the URL for old posts, I clicked through and found it was from a thread where I had linked the Photography Is Not A Crime blog. Started by journalist Carlos Miller in 2007, PINAC aggregates video of cops and stories about those recording them.

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at PINAC, maybe even a year, so I clicked through to see if there were any interesting or breaking stories that hadn’t made it to the larger blogs.

Among the dozens of stories from just the first week of this month is a post about a Michigan group which apparently stands around open-carrying firearms as they video what ensues. I’m not saying that I endorse this particular group, but in theory I can appreciate that they stand their ground against law enforcement, though clearly it can go off the rails.

This first video is the headline from the Photography is Not a Crime blog. The civil rights issue they highlight is that toward the end of their confrontation, the deputy reaches into the videographer’s pocket to get his ID, then the armed observant started cursing and having a somewhat restrained tantrum as his information is written down.

This second video is more than twice as long as the first and there comes a point when you think it’s over, but then the real fun begins. That’s when the cops really troll him.

Both of these videos were filmed outside the Oakland County Jail in Michigan.