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Top Ten Reasons to Watch 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

  1. Jonah Hill's dental prosthetics.
  2. Morality tale about corporate greed of the 80's, which will feel uncomfortably familiar.
  3. It's a Scorsese film! He's not even my favorite filmmaker, but he's one of the last must-see directors in the world. One of the last great working artistes of his generation.
  4. From the looks of it, this has a significant comedic element to it, which is not what Scorsese is known for, and it's always satisfying to see an artist growing and succeeding.
  5. So we can participate in all the prissy Oscar time buzz.

    Hey, have you noticed that nearly every single Oscar contender waited till the last possible second to come out in theaters? What's that about? Are we now just reserving 10 months out of the year to watch summertime bullshit? I guess that's okay.
  6. Gotta see that bedazzling dance scene.
  7. Rob Reiner still sometimes acts, and I could never resist Meathead's lovable punim.
  8. Matthew McConaughey! Over the years he has slipped his rep as the human incarnation of a dimwitted golden retriever, and has been killing it. Personally, I'm more excited about seeing Dallas Buyers Club, but I'm clearly biased in favor of all things Texan.
  9. Finally, a DiCaprio villain that I'm not required to like. I've never found any of his characters to be particularly likeable, not even the famous Jack Dawson from Titanic.
  10. To help us forget that DiCaprio made that stink bomb, The Great Gatsby. (Full disclosure, haven't actually seen it yet, but Rotten Tomatoes gave it 49%, which isn't a good sign.)


Hey, has anyone else noticed that The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall Street share similar poster designs? You might not even notice that they're two different films. Is Scorsese making sly commentary?


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