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Truckers run out of gas, forget to shut down DC

Breaker Breaker. The massive truck-driver rally to 'arrest' members of Congress and cripple traffic in DC kicked off this morning. But only 30 truckers joined. The rest of the truck-driving world went about its business, delivering goods to shops and warehouses and factories all over the US. Exene Cervenka must be disappointed.

From the WaPo story linked above:

At one point, four tractor-trailers started driving side-by-side, across all four northbound lanes of the inner loop. That caused traffic to slow to 15 miles per hour. State police troopers stopped the vehicles and “warned them not to impede traffic,” Geller said. The drivers were not issued tickets and allowed to “proceed on their way.”

There were no other major incidents reported as a result of the truck protests, she said. Minor delays were reported near the truckers at Route 236 in Annandale at the Braddock Road exit on the inner loop, but it was unclear from traffic cameras if the slowdown was due to the truckers.

On parts of the Beltway, police said the group stood out because they had American flags draped on their vehicles, along with signs that said “#T2SDA” (Truckers to Shut Down America).


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