Not sure if Governor Bentley has decided to take truth in advertising to the next level or someone's campaign for re-election Twitter bot is working a little too well. Third possibility, he's decided to make history in the category of Creative Resignations.

I should also point out that @BentleyUpdate is an official Tweet tool/account of @GovernorBentley, not a parody account.

However, jobs, jobs, jobs, has been his favorite song for the last four years. At the end of that time, Alabama is one of the very few states that have not recovered to per-recession levels and to have lost ground over all to unemployment.

Unemployment in Alabama during 2014 has so far gone up a bit over 13% according to a graph found on the Alabama Department of Labor website.


Not the sort of thing one might expect to garner many votes in a re-election bid.

But, Alabama!