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Written in Ink

Both of these come from Racialicious. One is an open letter to the man that harassed a woman at New York Comic Con. The other is about Ms. Marvel and young superheroes.

From Racialicious:

You thought you were having fun last month at New York Comic Con when you and your film crew gained access to the convention using your job credentials at SiriusXM Radio. You thought this would be a great opportunity to provide footage for your YouTube show (now defunct, thankfully). You thought it would make great television to pull me aside, to put your mic in my face, to drive your camera's light in my eyes and to ask if you could buy me.


Read the letter here which was cross-posted from Hyphen Magazine. I have become a fan of hers just by this letter. Racialicious goes on to post that:

You can read Diana's full account of convention harassment at New York Comic Con on her tumblr here . 18MillionRising.org is currently hosting a petition to have Mike Babchik's employer, SiriusXM Radio, be held accountable for his harassment of Diana and other women.

Update: A rally will be held Thursday morning starting at 11:30 a.m. EST at the Sirius XM offices in New York City for the in-person delivery of the petition. Participants are encouraged to use the hashtag #listenupSiriusXM for the event.

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From Racialicious (again):

There's a lot to root for in Marvel's new Ms. Marvel series, which is already garnering buzz for starring a Pakistani-American Muslim teenager in her own solo series.

But, the book won't formally launch until February 2014, which opens it up to a recurring problem with Marvel: history shows that the company's efforts stop at gathering that buzz when it comes to its young superheroes — particularly those of color.

The problem is not that the book will be penned by a Muslim, G. Willow Wilson, or that it will also be edited by a Muslim in Sana Amanat. The problem is that Marvel has protected and promoted its existing Muslim superheroines so well that some media outlets believed the new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, is the company's first.


Arturo sums everything up perfectly. Go read it.

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