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Typing on Ambien AHAHAHA!

Not really. Well, I am about to take one and go to bed because hello, it's the middle of the night where I am.

But since I gained some minor notoriety for one post detailing my conflicted feelings over that wonky drug, I figured I should earn it by making a second Ambien post.


Notice that I am not actually posting on Ambien. But that won't matter to my legend. By filing this post, and adding the tag "Ambien" I can get a reputation without doing any real work.

I love the Internet age.

Goodnight, mes amis on Crosstalk! You all are so much fun to read and star.

ETA: Oh my god twizzler, it wasn't the middle of the night it was technically morning when you drugged yourself back to sleep, you ambien lush. Oh shut up, twizzler.

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