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Ugh! Political work dilemma!

Gawker friends and someday-soon-to-be Gawker friends:

I have a new boss who reads Drudge, listens to Limbaugh, Whatshisname Savage (not Dan) and similar very far-to-the-right conservatives. We don't battle over issues, but I think he has been feeling me out as to my views. Most recently, he asked me a veiled question on Obamacare. I try to be as neutral as possible because of the newness of my position (about 4 months).

In ordinary circumstances, I'm not shy in stating my views. In fact, sometimes I'm quite adamant about my positions.


My dilemma is this: I really like and admire this guy if you take politics out of the equation. He is a very good man with an enormous heart whom I would invite into my home and "break bread" with any day of the week. Do I share my views with him or keep my neutrality? We currently have a good working relationship and I'd like to keep it that way.

Have I answered my own question? Going to bed now. I'll look for your reasoned and well thought out answers in the morning. Sweet dreams, friends!

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