Is anyone else watching this middle school mess? I apologize for writing as if you all are but believe me, you don't want a summary.

I expected to be annoyed by Anya Ayoung-Chee, a Project Runway winner and mentor for this show. She couldn't sew in her season, produced the same things over and over, got all the breaks, and then called out one of her mentees by asking if the items in his portfolio were even his. Big, nasty brass ones there and continual poor mentoring throughout the show.

I did not expect to find Mondo Guerra a repulsive person, but here I am, actually pissy about a show on the teevee. His treatment of Natalia was abhorrent. Tim Gunn didn't impress either, snapping at her at Mood, and allowing people to continually target this poor person, who reminded me of the weakest Water Buffalo in a Wild Kingdom episode.

And Asha Daniels has elevated the faux victim reality show contestant to a new level. She picked the crappy fabric, created the designs (or lack thereof), and executed more pieces poorly, but she was so troubled by the presence of Natalia, that of course that mess was the result. Never mind her afterbirth design the previous week, which should have been her ticket home anyway (see bottom).

The way Natalia Fedner left was probably the only way she could have done it, but it was so sad that she was placed in that position. I hope that she has a long and successful career.


This show sucks balls, many of the people involved at best could be compared favorably middle school bullies, and I hope they have all their names on Google alert.