Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Quick! Who's running for governor of California this year? Or did you forget that Jerry Brown is up for re-election? Understandable since he's comfortably ahead in the polls without doing much active campaigning. So his opponent is forced to do a stunt to get some attention.

Republican candidate Neel Kashkari (yes, that Neel Kashkari) recently went undercover as a homeless person for a week. He released a 10 minute video and wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal.

This is part of Kashkari's effort to overcome the serious uphill battle he has. According to the Los Angeles Times Brown is sitting on over $22 million in campaign funds while Kashkari has less than half a million after the June primary.


This is one of the few things I've heard about the governor's race since the primary and I doubt things will heat up much before the November election. Governor Brown may agree to a debate but he has nothing to gain from multiple debates. But there's still a chance for Kashkari. After all, stranger things have happened in California governor's races.

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