Following Deadspin's story about this guy yesterday, the Board of Centerplate, a food services company catering to arenas like the new Levi's Field, home of the 49ers, issued a statement of nervous support. This for their CEO, Des Hague, who likes to kick and beat his friends's pets when they ask him to pet-sit for them. Luckily for us, he likes to kick and beat dogs in Vancouver, on elevators with video cameras inside, so we got to see him do it.

Here's the video (probably with a long, dumb ad in front of it):

Centerplate's Board of Directors posted a message on the company's website a few hours ago, saying they were really mad about the whole thing. And they wanted this CEO of a $5Billion a year corporation to donate $100,000 to a fund named after the dog he loves kicking. Presumably, the fund will pay for education and classes in how to kick dogs without getting caught. Otherwise, though, Centerplate thinks Des Hague is just the man to run their company, so they're not suspending or firing him, although it does appear that he's on some kind of double-secret probation. All of which is great news for Des Hague, who gets to collect his CEO paycheck and face no substantial consequences for his dog-choking antics.

Fortune is on the case, though. Will a dog-kicking CEO sink Centerplate? they ask. Only if we're lucky.