A couple pieces of new information have trickled out late yesterday and today:

FBI Declines

The Dallas office of the FBI has announced that they are declining to investigate the shooting, saying that they “[have] full confidence in the ability” of Arlington police and local prosecutors to investigate what happened.-Star Telegram They will join the investigation later should evidence arise of civil rights violations.

Taylor was fleeing

The Arlington Police Chief gave a press conference in which he said that Christian Taylor was fleeing. The officers caught up to Taylor and there was a “confrontation” during the arrest which led to the trainee officer shooting Taylor 4 times. During this confrontation, the other officer used his taser.

Radio Communication

The police department released radio communication for that evening, in response to rumors online that there were only a matter a seconds between confrontation and shots fired. The radio communication shows more than 2 minutes elapse between confrontation and a radio call of, “shots fired.”



Protests have taken place outside of the APD headquarters that were more akin to somber vigils. A small group of protestors moved to block traffic following their official protest. The protests are being driven by Mothers Against Police Brutality. Taylor’s family has asked that any demonstrations be peaceful.

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