McClatchy has an interesting article today, describing how the US spy satellite agency helped hide crimes committed by its employees and contractors, including child porn and molestation, information gleaned from routine lie detector tests. In one startling case, the agency's lawyer opined that they didn't need to notify law enforcement about an ongoing situation involving molestation because, as a 14-year old, the victim was old enough to call the police herself.

If you watch The Good Wife (which is fictional), this may not surprise you very much. [note: it looks like my copy/paste from the article also pulled some script that allows McClatchy to promote its content in my post. I'm okay with that, but didn't want ppl to think I was promoting it, beyond citing it as the source.] From the McClatchy report:

WASHINGTON — The nation's spy satellite agency failed to notify authorities when some employees and contractors confessed during lie detector tests to crimes such as child molestation, an intelligence inspector general has concluded.

In other cases, the National Reconnaissance Office delayed reporting criminal admissions obtained during security clearance polygraphs, possibly jeopardizing evidence in investigations or even the safety of children, according to the inspector general report released Tuesday , almost two years after McClatchy's reporting raised similar concerns.

In one instance, one of the agency's top lawyers told colleagues not to bother reporting confessions by a government contractor of child molestation, viewing child pornography and sexting with a minor, the inquiry by the inspector general for the intelligence community revealed.

"Doubt we have enough to interest the FBI," the agency's then -assistant general counsel told another official in an email, adding, "the alleged victim is fourteen years old and fully capable of calling the police herself." Neither party in the email was identified by name.

After the other official insisted on reporting it, the confession was eventually investigated and it turned out that the girl was still in contact with the contractor who'd confessed to the crimes. It took almost five weeks for the Department of Justice to be informed.

When confronted with the lapses by the inspector general's investigators, the National Reconnaissance Office's then-top lawyers said they "were not legally obligated . . . to report child sexual abuse to DOJ or law enforcement organizations because child abuse is a state crime, not a federal crime," the report said.

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