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Written in Ink

Might have to click the link quickly since I think it might fall back behind a paywall soon. The gist? This guy invests in Valley tech companies and sent the CEOs of those companies an email telling them to tell their employees how to vote. Apparently, that's not illegal:

Whatever your opinion of Conway’s political skills and motivation – Koch-brother-level evil genius or well-meaning meddler – a mass email he sent late last week to portfolio CEOs will likely confirm it.


The email, sent to “San Francisco-based SV Angel Portfolio CEOs,” was headed “SF Election Recommendations for November 3rd” and sets out Conway’s preferred positions for San Francisco’s upcoming municipal elections. Specifically, Conway asks the CEOs of companies in which he’s invested to “please share the list below and ask your team to Vote either on November 3 or by absentee ballot beforehand!”

(Pando received the mass email as an SV angel portfolio company. Nothing indicated it was not for publication. I emailed Conway for comment yesterday evening, but haven’t heard back yet. I’ll update this post if he responds.)

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