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Maryland politician (R) says he'll sue newspaper if it prints his name

In a case of The Streisand Effect run amok, Kirby Delauter, a stupid county commissioner in Frederick County, Virginia Maryland (i should've guessed), has told the local newspaper and a reporter that he will sue them if they print his name in the paper without his permission. Naturally, the paper responded with an editorial titled, "Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter". The stupid is strong on this one. Sadder than his own individual stupidity, another Republican commissioner agreed with his stand, saying the paper is too liberal and that somebody ought to sue them. And now, the whole story, including the commissioner's name, is becoming national news.

In a Facebook status posted Saturday, Delauter said he was upset with reporter Bethany Rodgers for "an unauthorized use of my name and my reference in her article" published Jan. 3 about his and Councilman Billy Shreve's concerns over County Council parking spaces.

"So let me be clear............do not contact me and do not use my name or reference me in an unauthorized form in the future," Delauter, R-District 5, said in a Facebook status update.

The post had garnered more than 45 "likes" and roughly 50 comments by Monday night. Rodgers responded to Delauter's post Sunday afternoon, stating she will continue to contact the councilman for comment as well as print his name and reference in the newspaper.

"First of all, there is no requirement to get a person's authorization in order to mention them in the paper, particularly if that person is an elected official," Rodgers wrote in a comment below the original post. "It is not just our right but our responsibility to report on people like you, who occupy positions of trust in our government, and I make no apologies for doing that."

Delauter said he would pursue legal action if his name or reference were published again.

"Use my name again unauthorized and you'll be paying for an Attorney," Delauter wrote. "Your rights stop where mine start."

Delauter did not respond to multiple calls for comment Monday.

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