Thanks to @iElvis' initiative, we have ten submitted banner designs. Please vote for the one you would like to see represent Crosstalk, up where the "post" avatar and forum name is now.

Unless there's a runaway winner with more votes than the others combined, we'll run this in two parts. Between now and Sunday noon (eastern) we'll have the preliminaries and then we'll have a run-off between the top vote-getters which will close Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at midnight (eastern). I believe this is the fairest way to proceed.

Unfortunately, I can't find a control to make the images appear larger. If you click them individually, they'll open full size in another tab. The actual banner is going to appear 300px wide, which is smaller than the originals. To give an idea of how they would look, I could put a right-sized array after the poll, but because the poll is randomized, the order of my examples could affect the results. So to see the banners at 300px, I'll refer to the content and comments on iElvis' post. (Again, clicking the images in the poll will open them fullsize, which may be enough to know)

I'll bump this post a couple of times, so that more people might vote and I should caution that it appears we can't change our answers, so you might want to hold-off until you are sure.

Update: Due to implied requests, the run-off election will be open to write-in candidates.