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Kinja Hides Community From World. Also: Each Other.

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I’m not seeing how this helps new people figure out what’s going on, or how anybody ends up on the observation deck at all now unless they already know it’s there.


I can’t find anything pointing to Observation Deck or Hackerspace or any of the rest of us anywhere now. I can’t find the other communities unless I remember what they were called.

Is there some super-awesome community site being set up that we’re not aware of?


Given the fact that the order wasn’t different, the evidence leads pretty heavily towards ‘no’.

UPDATE: For those who may be assuming this is somewhat hyperbolic and I was ignoring all those messages that went out. . . those messages have been read, I just consider the order of events, and the only offered solution ‘occasionally mentioning us on the main site’ to be both weak and like something that won’t maintain itself naturally.


UPDATE number 2:

I moved this to my personal blog initially (which I thought was what would be desired, to unclutter complaints from the O-deck since others had sprung up since then) but have since decided to move it to Crosstalk, which is probably a more appropriate place for it.


I probably could have come across as a bit less harsh there, but there was a was at last one conversation in one of the threads about the topic in which the idea of us being removed from the dropdown was specifically mentioned and my interpretation was that we’d be getting some sort of ‘separation’ (different part of the dropdown, new dropdown, whatever) but would not become invisible. As somebody fairly new to the O-deck side of things (old to IO9) I didn’t even see an easy way to find all those non-O-deck community sites that were similarly missing.

Also: I’m aware that my mentioning of things like ‘private messaging’, ‘editable, personal profiles’, or (seriously, this one is kind of insane), no ‘about’ type link in the header so people can see what the site they’re in is for, who to contact if there are issues, if there’s current changes underway (hmm...), rules of the site/community, affiliations, and so on.


Those are very, very basic and old features and aren’t things just to be scoffed at. If there are conversations about why these features are being left out then they’re similarly not apparent and it’d be interesting to see them, however since the O-deck is a community site I figured that such complaints would get up the line, and hopefully help whoever it is that knows what they’re doing get past a political barrier or whatever.

Without those basic features, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that people voice their concerns via the only public sounding board they have, being denied any private ones or ability to create a community makes that all sort of predictable I’d think.


I’m just still not sure why the solution was ‘throw out messages that are low on detail’, ‘remove all references to community sites before demonstrating the proposed mainpage solution’ (guaranteeing a bunch of freaked out people), and, apparently, ‘complain about other proposed solutions as ‘troublemaking’ , instead of ...

  • ‘Clear messages with images of new solution’, or failing that
  • ‘Demonstrating idea for mentioning O-deck (and other communities!) on IO9 mainpage, or, failing that,
  • ‘Adding really commonly used top-bar news/notification feature to keep people informed’, or, failing that,
  • ‘Not getting stressed out when people complain and propose the solutions, and instead either answer why those solutions are impossible or were rejected, pass the issue up the line with proper escalation procedures, or say ‘here’s who can answer those questions’ or ‘here’s where they were answered’, or, failing that,
  • ‘Having a post mortem that involves looking at current solutions to similar problems in a proactive way.

I’d love to have at least some understanding of why Kinja chose not to use the top bar real estate that they control to communicate and why common features that would have kept the stress of the community down (and also just make them all a lot happier) aren’t utilized here.

I’m sorry if that’s troublemaker-y, but those are answers that you’d expect somebody to have, and usually there’d be a community contact that’s handling them.

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