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Now that I have more friends who are home owners (jerks) I'm finding that they are putting trite quotes on their walls. No longer are these quotes limited to a nicely framed crochet with a cottage with a mailbox and dog and given to a family member to cherish as a home-spun bit of love. Nope. Now people seen to bedeck their walls with overshared Facebook statuses:

Oh you do? Thank god. I thought you could have been sex-crazed murder maniacs but now you're just regular maniacs who just love fonts and capital letters spray painted on your wall. Do we do second chances on wall paint or is that forever like your world of infinite hugs?


Well if that fancy script is to be believed then I've been wrong about everything my whole life. I now believe that. Also: I'm not sure if that chair is painted on the wall or not. I bet that's going to be the next design fad for walls: old hand-crafted furniture made for bygone aristocrats painted on to compliment the stuff you bought on sale at a big box store and put together with an Allen Wrench.

And here's the thing: these are really no better than this:


Doesn't matter whether or not you agree or disagree with this person's politics: their car is a testament to how annoying they are. And right now there are hundreds, perhaps thousands more people stenciling their houses right now with ~*~*Live~*~*Laugh~*~*Love~*~* and telling people to dance like nobody's watching in giant letters. I hope for all our sakes that we regularly paint our houses, buy framed art, and allow this horrific plague to pass.

*No idea why all the pictures adjusted left. Try and make sense of it?

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