The Koch Brothers must be very happy, in that way that villains are happy when a rabbit dies. The article doesn't seem to say who wrote the report, although I seem to recall a suit being filed earlier this week saying the report writers were recommended by TransCanada without acknowledging they had contracts with TransCanada, in violation of the process. But who knows? This does, however, turn up the pressure on State and on Obama to decide this sooner rather than later. It also gives the Neil Young haters in Canada (which has turned into a shit-laced petro-state under their current, despicable PM) new ammo to use on their anti-Neil twitter accounts.

State Department officials said they were still weighing whether or not to reject theproposed Keystone XL pipeline even after Friday's release of a final environmental assessment that concluded the project's construction would not significantly alter global greenhouse gas emissions.

"Approval or denial of any one crude oil transport project, including the proposed Project, remains unlikely to significantly impact the rate of extraction in the oil sands, or the continued demand for heavy crude oil at refineries in the United States," the new environmental report said.