I suspect that no one on Crosstalk likes the show, but I do. So, just in case I'm not entirely alone in that, I wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts about last night's episode. At the Onion's / AV Club's TV Club discussion thread for the show, there is a lot of rumbling over a perceived 'final reveal' from last night's show. I really only watch 4 shows on any regular basis (HIMYM, Community, True Detective, and The Good Wife), so I like to read the TV Club reviews of episodes for those shows, just because I think it's so interesting to have critics (or at least bloggers) going over the details of every single episode of nearly every major show on TV, and to see the levels of detail they'll go into (e.g.: the TD reviews and the Community reviews frequently cite things I never even noticed, and for HIMYM the reviews will often cite jokes that I didn't find funny the first time around and make me laugh when I read them on the page). But I totally missed what people think was an important reveal, plus I just wanted to note the controversy here and also mention how much I like the TV Club reviews.

It's also sort of interesting that TV Club uses Disqus as its commenting tool, and I find it strange how rarely people on these threads get into comment fights. They might disagree sometimes, but it's very unusual to see people go at each other, no matter how strongly they disagree. Anyway, on the off chance that anyone here actually does like the show, I wonder if those people (or that person) felt like a really big clue about the show's conclusion was dropped last night.

ETA: didn't realize this was a whole post at jezebel earlier today. Gahd! I'm so STUPID!