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We need to quit mythologizing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

But he had friends! He tweeted! He quoted Eminem! Of course he must have been brainwashed by the evil older brother.

Or maybe he was just good at hiding that he was an asshole. I'm sorry but I've known a lot of dick 19 year olds with friends and a twitter account and a bad taste in music, and that doesn't prove their innocence. Everyone wants to believe he was brainwashed, but how about confronting a more frightening possibility: maybe "normal" people can be murderers. Maybe you can be both popular and evil. Maybe you can conform to every social expectation and still feel no remorse in killing people.


Trying to assign levels of culpability based on personality type is armchair psychoanalysis at its worst. The older brother was moody and reclusive and anti-social, but if those are fucking crimes then chain me up. What I see are two people who planned and committed heinous acts. The roles of each person will be borne out by the evidence, but right now we're working with pretty little of that. Either way, if one person was the mastermind and the other the willing sycophant, their acts and criminal intent are the same.

In summation: fuck Amanda Palmer.

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