Is it just me or is everyone having problems? Here's what I've encountered this past week on the main pages:

  • Active footer links being copied in the comments. By "footer links" I mean the stuff at the bottom of the page (Help, Terms of Use, Privacy, etc.). The list will randomly appear in comments, and the links are clickable.
  • The banner advertisement at the bottom of the page covers the opened comment thread and moves with it so that it is impossible to see what is under it. This has only happened once, luckily.
  • The font randomly becomes bold and san serif. Sometimes only part of the page is san serif while the rest is serif. Symbols like stars become 1's.
  • Random bold san serif letters appear in odd places on the page.
  • When I try to post to Crosstalk, I get a 404 error, like just now.

Anyone else experiencing this? Just me?