I just wrote a reply to a Jezebel commenter regarding a post she had written on a side forum that is now on Jez' main page. This appears to be a second iteration of the post. The author deleted the first iteration. Convenient, since there were quite a few replies to that version that didn't exactly agree with the author's argument. Those replies are no longer visible on the version appearing on Jez' mainpage.

C'est la vie, but here's where the kicker comes in. This person writes a second post expressing concern over the negative replies the now-main-paged article is likely to get. After all, there were those comments made to the original article I mentioned that didn't quite agree with the author's argument, and Joss Whedon is a controversial subject regardless. Ergo, I wrote the following comment:

Well, that's the thing about public discourse, isn't it? When you put an idea out there, there will be people who agree and there will be people who disagree. Unless they're outright insulting you or making mean-spirited comments about something other than the substance of the post, people are entitled to their opinions; whether you like them or not.

Now, since we're all adults here, I hope we are mature enough to realize that just because someone doesn't necessarily agree with your point of view, that doesn't mean that individual is attacking you on a personal level. I happen to like most of you here, there isn't a single person I can honestly say that I dislike, but I have gotten into pretty heated discussions with some of you. Not going to name names, but you know who you are.

At the end of the day, I hope we can walk away from our conversations without any hard feelings. Just the satisfaction of having had an enlightening conversation with an intellectual equal.


When I went back to that page, my comment had mysteriously vanished. It seems I was dismissed. Interestingly enough folks, we're in the middle of a huge kerffufle over at Jezebel over exactly this type of occurrence. Whenever a commenter expresses dissent over on Jez' mainpage, in articles written by Jez staff, those comments have a pesky tendency to disappear, and people who have had posting privileges on Jez now find themselves without any for expressing dissent.

So I've now been subjected, by a Jezebel commenter, to the kind of backhanded behavior complained of by Jezebel commenters. IRONY.